At the present moment, Rescale uses mainly external turnkey contractors for the construction of the new development projects. In the future, we will deliver some of our projects by using our own turnkey development company.

We focus on developing terraced houses in our own Rescale Entreprise construction company. For this purpose, we have designed a series of standard terraced house projects, which are carefully optimized, so the project size, construction, and choice of technical solutions ensure the best available quality in  achieving competitive pricing, satisfying construction time, and environmental sustainability.

We put focus particularly on apartments’ layout and their distribution in the project for achieving an optimal use in our terraced houses.

At the same time, our construction company will act as an internal building consultant for Rescale Udvikling development company with some of its apartment- and retail projects.

Finally, as a part of Rescale Entreprise standard offer, we develop terraced houses projects for external clients who want to build those types of terraced houses that we have designed. We solve these tasks as a general turnkey contractor.

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